Max Leon

Modern Web Dev

The goal isn't a website.
The goal is to grow your business.

What You Need


Experience-Driven Engagement

Each second a user spends on a site increases their conversion likelihood. Retain your users by taking advantage the full power of the digital medium.


Targeted Audience Reach

Increasing total traffic will provide your company with more conversions. You know your audience; I know how to get their attention.


Data-Driven Results

Optimize your site by identifying your user's goals. Let's create a conversation to refine and optimize with a proven method.

What I do



Website Development

Websites expand your reach to the entire globe. I strike the perfect balance between creating a great first impression for new clients and retaining the attention of your established clientele.


App Development

Apps should target your most dedicated users to create an ongoing conversation. This experience is best used to provide a sense fulfillment to users and share your growth.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engines provide sites the opportunity to reach new users. Competition is steep. Help your business grow by taking advantage of the reports I create to put you on the right track.

How I Do It



1. Plan & Design

Allows me to identify your needs. I'll deliver wireframes, mockups, and other designs. When you love it, we proceed to Build.


2. Build

Make your dream a reality. I utilize the latest tools to quickly prototype, test, and deploy. You will be able to see my progress and provide feedback to make sure the result is just what you wanted.

AB Test

3. Review & Refine

Your success is our success. My reports will give you access to the bigger picture behind the site.

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